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Digi-Key Part Data Enters OrCAD Environment

Users of Cadence’s OrCAD Capture Component Information System (CIS) now have access to the wealth of engineering data offered in the Digi-Key part database. EMA Design Automation, a Cadence partner and reseller, integrated the Digi-Key database into OrCAD Capture CIS by creating the EMA Component Information Portal (CIP). CIP is a web-based solution that can be deployed enterprise-wide, providing access to the Component Information System (CIS) behind OrCAD Capture CIS.

CIP provides engineering and procurement personnel with a more effective way to update the CIS database. CIP provides a user interface for users to provide new part requests and modifications for corporate approval. With the addition of the Digi-Key interface, those new part requests can now come directly from Digi-Key along with all related part information.

Bringing Digi-Key data into the OrCAD environment puts information on over one million orderable parts on the design desktop and makes them available during part selection. The result is a streamlined purchasing process that provides correct part numbers as part of the design engineering process.

The Digi-Key part database provides a number of benefits to both design engineers and companies in general:

  • Parts can be ordered online 24/7 and received the next day
  • Digi-Key is a reliable source of parts
  • All parametric data, RoHS compliance status, and mechanical dimensions are available
  • Pricing and in-stock quantity information helps control costs and ensures part availability

Contact EMA Design Automation directly for pricing and delivery information.

EMA Design Automation

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