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DIGITAL & ANALOG SCOPES-Technical information on firm's digital and analog oscilloscopes, other test instruments, and accessories is available in this 1998 full-line Oscilloscope Catalog, available in both print form and on CD-ROM. The 270-page guide also contains nearly 100 pages of application notes, describing how scopes can be used to solve circuit testing problems, including making more accurate jitter measurements, troubleshooting intermittent faults, and making precise power supply measurements. Data on several new products is available, including firm's LC584A family with 10 new proprietary ICs that give the DSOs new trigger features and faster sampling rates. Other new products covered in the catalog include a new Value Line of DSOs, the DDA series of disk drive analyzers, and a number of new probes and accessories. The LSA1000 Signalyst signal digitizer/analyzer for embedded system of OEM applications is a first show in the guide.

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