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Digital Attenuator Claims High Accuracy And Low Insertion Loss

Promising features such as high attenuation accuracy, low insertion loss, and single voltage control per bit, the AA113-310 digital attenuator has a total attenuation range of 31.5 dB with an LSB 0f 0.5 dB. Said to be superior to comparable digital attenuators on the market, the device is specified for an insertion loss of only 1.5 dB.The device operates over a frequency range from dc to 1.5 GHz, making it suitable for use in IF circuits. Targeted applications include IF gain-control circuits in base stations, as well as wireless data, broadband, and wireless local-loop applications.In addition, the device features single positive control for each of the six bits, eliminating the need for negative voltage. Available in a 5 mm2 package, price starts at $8.35 each. ALPHA INDUSTRIES, INC., Haverhill, MA. (978) 241-7700.

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