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Digital Switching ICs Fuel Voice/Data Convergence Apps

The MT90863 and MT90826 digital switching ICs aid in the convergence of voice and data signals in emerging data access products. The chips integrate voice, data and video time division multiplexed (TDM) traffic into applications on Cisco Systems' access concentrators, routers, gateways and switching platforms. Combining advanced mixed-signal design capabilities with a comprehensive understanding of industry standards, the ICs enable vendors to develop WAN solutions that bridge from installed bases to emerging networks, and support the transition to packet-based applications such as Voice over ATM and Voice over IP. The high-capacity devices can concentrate hundreds of constant bit rate channels while achieving performance and fast implementation of medium to large carrier-class remote access systems. For data access equipment, central office equipment or large PBX systems, the MT90826 Quad Digital Switch provides a low-power, timeslot interchange solution for TDM traffic. The MT90863 Rate Conversion Digital Switch is a specialized 3V timeslot interchange that manages and switches multi-rate voice, data and video traffic. It is designed for the emerging Internet access market and WAN networking products.

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