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Digital To Synchro Converter Can Drive Up To 25 VA

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A new series of high power digital to synchro converters with 14-, 12- or 10-bit resolution can provide up to 25 VA. They are claimed to be specifically designed to drive torque receivers with accuracies of up to ±10 minutes of arc, while being immune to any overload and transient conditions. The 4.5" x 9.25" x 1" H, 400 Hz units accept a 14-bit natural binary angle and convert it into 3-wire synchro or4-wire resolver signals. The output is protected from short circuits, thermal overloads and transients. The power stages are automatically shut down during any over-temperature condition and a digital fault indication is provided. Available output voltages are 90V or 11.8V RMS L-L, 60 or 400 Hz. Digital inputs are TTL/DTL compatible and the synchro output is transformer isolated in most models. Prices are less than $895 each.

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