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Digital Temperature Sensor Offers 12-Bit Resolution

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The temperature of a device or environment is reported with an accuracy of ±1°C over a wide temperature range of -10°C to 85°C when using the DS1721 two-wire digital thermometer and thermostat sensor. The device can be used as a thermostat as well as a thermometer: the user sets high and low temperature limits, and the device indicates when these limits have been reached. Temperature is reported in a 9- to 12-bit word, with increments as small as 0.0625°C. The device's three address lines can be used to multi-drop up to eight DS1721s along the two-wire bus, simplifying the bussing of distributed temperature sensing networks. Applications include PCs, hard-disk drives, office equipment, medical/scientific equipment, and any thermally-sensitive system.

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