Electronic Design

Distributed Processing Solution Speeds ATPG Runtime

When using 12 to 16 processors, TetraMAX TenX distributed processing can accelerate automatic test-pattern generation (ATPG) runtime by a factor of 10. Distributing compute-intensive ATPG tasks across multiple CPUs, workstations, and servers helps accelerate ATPG for large, complex designs. This configuration can significantly reduce manufacturing test development time as well as lower the overall cost of test. The latest addition to the TetraMAX ATPG family, the TenX add-on supports all family modes, including sequential modes for designs with testability issues. Distributed processing also is supported for TetraMAX DelayTest, which can require much longer runtimes than nominal stuck-at test-pattern generation. The add-on unit functions for all TetraMAX platforms, including Solaris, HP-UX, and Linux. Also, it supports compute-resource workload-management applications with load sharing facility (LSF). Pricing for the TetraMAX TenX add-on begins at $45,550 for a one-year technology subscription license.

Synopsys Inc. www.synopsys.com; (800) 541-7737

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