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Drive's Removable Disks Pack Up To 20 GB

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Compatible with both Windows and Macintosh computers via USB and FireWire interface modules, the Peerless drive system utilizes removable disks in capacities of 5, 10 and 20 GB. The disks are approximately the size and shape of a typical PDA and the drive system is only slightly larger than the disk itself.
Read and write heads are sealed inside the disks themselves, eliminating the risk contamination. The FireWire version provides sustained data transfer rates in the range of 15 MB/s.Said to be an industry first, the hard drive electronics are relocated from the disks to the base station (drive). This results in disk prices as low as a one cent per MB. Available by mid 2001, the drive with interface module is expected to cost $249 with disk prices of $129 (5 GB), $159 (10 GB), and $199 (20 GB).

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