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DSL Filter Installs Easily

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Through use of a new mechanical design, the Excelsus Z-Blocker adaptable digital subscriber line filter can be used in-line for products such as desk phones, fax machines and modems, as well as wall-mounted phones (with the help of a Z-330CWA adapter). The Z-330TJA filter isolates all voice band equipment devices, including telephones, and also isolates the telephone network jack connected to a cable or satellite subscription box. It provides one port for the phone signal and one for the DSL signal, with illustrations on the filter indicating which ports match each connection. With a 4:1 ratio of in-line to wall-mount filters, the new filter design puts a lower cost in-line filter into the wall-mount. It also allows the wall-mount unit to function as an in-line filter when required. The Z-330 meets the latest ANSI DSL filter specification (T1.421) and is compatible with G Lite V.90. And in addition to electronically isolating the high-speed DSL and home phone line network data streams from the voice band signal, the Z-330 also works to keep echo and balance in check, even with five filters installed. PULSE ENGINEERING INC., San Diego, CA. (760) 918-2542.

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