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DSL Protocol Analyzer Claimed As Industry First

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Said to be the industry's first system capable of evaluating and analyzing data protocols on the DSL wire, the Liberator PRO is a compact unit that enables decoding and debugging of data protocols over a simulated DSL network. The system consists of the Liberator PRO chassis, ADSL interface card, processor card, and application software than runs on a central office-side PC.
Liberator PRO adds protocol analysis capability to the original Liberator, a network simulator that combines the functions of a DSL access multiplexor (DSLAM), service node, and Internet server into a single unit. DSL equipment manufacturers can accelerate product development by testing equipment coming off the production line and demonstrating their products to customers without the hassle of setting up a live DSL line.
Liberator users can upgrade to the PRO by installing new firmware and software. The unit price is $33,950, with volume discounts available.

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