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Dual-Axis Clinometer Automates Leveling/Motion Detection

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Offered as a low-cost angle measurement sensor that combines two clinometers in one package, the AccuStar II DAS-20 dual-axis, capacitance-based clinometer is priced to compete with mercury switches and low-cost level sensors. The device produces an output signal that is proportional to the relative tilt of two axes that are at right angles to each other. The unit provides a ±20° X and Y range, is repeatable to within ±0.1°, and has a ±0.2° linearity from null to 10°. Null and scale are both digitally adjusted by means of a special adjustment routine that also functions as an inherent ant-tamper mechanism. Output is pin-selectable for analog or pulse width modulated (PWM) digital output. Both analog and PWM output can be adjusted for null and scale. The DAS-20 can be custom programmed at the factory.

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