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Dual-Axis MEMS Gyros Target 3D Remotes, Mice

The IXZ-500 and IXZ-650 dual-axis MEMS gyroscopes are designed specifically for 3D remote controls and PC mice supporting TVs, home theaters, set-top boxes, and personal computers. The gyros are the only single-chip integrated pitch and yaw (X and Z axis) motion-processing products that meet the in-plane mounting requirements for both traditional and new generations of slim-profile remote controls, according to the company. The IXZ-500 features a primary output with a full-scale range of up to ±500°/s with a ±110°/s internal secondary gain stage output set to track slower motions for precise cursor pointing applications. The IXZ-650 targets digital TV and IPTV remote controls with its ±2000°/s primary output to track the widest dynamic range of physical motions and a ±440°/s internal secondary gain stage for on-screen pointing applications. The IXZ family comes in a small-footprint (4- by 5- by 1.2-mm) QFN package. The devices feature a low noise of 0.015°/s/rt Hz, an integrated temperature sensor providing temperature-compensated bias adjustment, and high cross-axis isolation. The gyroscopes have a 10,000g shock tolerance. INVENSENSE INC., Sunnyvale, CA. (408) 988-7339.


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