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Dual High-Side Switch Driver Controlled Via SMBus

product pic

This SMBus-compatible slave device can drive two n-channel MOSFET switches for power plane control in notebook computers and other portable equipment. Operating from 2.7V to 5.5V and drawing only 17 µA of standby current, LTC1623 dual high-side switch driver uses two built-in micropower charge pumps to generate up to 6V of gate drive above the input power supply voltage to fully enhance low-loss n-channel MOSFET switches. Communications with the SMBus master is accomplished with just two bus lines, DATA and CLK. To identify itself on the SMBus, the LTC1623 has two three-state address pins that allow up to eight addresses to be programmed, permitting up to 16 switches to be controlled on the same bus. The device adheres to SMBus specs.

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