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Dual PC Card Reader Travels In Military Fashion

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Designed for use in military vehicles, the Rugged Memory Card Drive (RMCD) features an environmentally-sealed construction and supports up to two PC Card/PCMCIA V2.1 slots. Intended to be located in the crew area of the vehicle, connection to the host computer is established via a SCSI-2 bus, which allows standard SCSI drivers to be used. Separate SCSI input and output connectors allow multiple RMCDs to be connected in series.
Both card slots support type II, 5-mm thick IP54 or IP68 ATA flash cards and one slot supports 10-mm thick, Type III PC Cards. To ensure resistance to shock and vibration, card retention is supplemented by an additional mechanism that engages upon closing and locking the front door of the unit.
To provide optional support for additional hardware such as a modem and other PC Card I/O functions, the RMCD can be mounted in any of the company's ATR or rugged chassis. Price starts at $2,800.

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