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Dual Photodiode Meter Tests LDMs

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Laser diode modules (LDMs) are the test target of the new Model 2500 Dual Photodiode Meter. Compared to similar instruments, the Model 2500 is said to provide more focused functionality for testing and controlling LDMs. This is due to the instrument's capability for very fast low-level current measurement, optical power measurement, extended voltage output capability, and space-saving footprint.
A built-in picoammeter can resolve currents as low as 10 femtoamps, an order of magnitude better than competing units, according to the company. This sensitivity supports more precise dark-current measurement, providing more accurate LDM characterization. The meter also has a built-in ±10V/±100 V voltage source.
The instrument is priced at $7,995, with a delivery time of four to five weeks ARO.

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