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To accelerate adoption of amba axi technology, ARM and Synopsys are collaborating on applicable verification IP. AMBA AXI technology is a next-generation on-chip interface that supports multilayer interconnect designs and provides 1.6 Gbytes/s of per-layer data throughput at 200 MHz. The verification IP provides built-in support for coverage-driven constrained-random test verification, including features expected to be published in the SystemVerilog Verification Methodology Manual, jointly created by ARM and Synopsys. It will be available at no charge to Synopsys DesignWare subscribers in the fourth quarter of 2004. For more, visit www.designware.com.

A free hf component kit from Taiyo Yuden comes bundled with a copy of Ansoft Designer SV design simulation software and Taiyo Yuden's RF Component Library, which contains enhanced high-frequency performance data for use in circuit simulations. The sample kit provides an assortment of capacitors, ferrite beads, and multilayer inductors that are included on the accompanying RF Component Library CD. Utilizing enhanced-accuracy S-parameters, the RF Component Library data produces extremely narrow deviations between simulated data and actual measurements in high-frequency circuit design. For further information about the kit, visit www.t-yuden.com or www.ansoft.com.

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