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EDA Platform Integrates EM Simulator For Design Of Passive RF Circuits

With Agilent Technologies' integration of Momentum GX into the Genesys EDA platform, RF and microwave designers can reduce the number of design steps and accelerate the design and verification process for complex passive circuits.

Momentum GX, a planar 3D electromagnetic (EM) simulator, significantly expands the accuracy and range of passive circuit libraries, including parasitic models and entire circuits. The Genesys EDA platform, formerly known as Eagleware-Elanix Genesys, provides a powerful design flow that spans from initial system architecture through final documentation.

The combination of the two software packages includes linear, layout, harmonic balance, Spice, and RF system synthesis with 3D-planar EM simulation in a multilingual environment. The package helps designers achieve cost-effective, first-pass design accuracy without ever leaving the Genesys design flow.

Momentum GX accurately characterizes and improves passive circuit performance. It analyzes arbitrary design geometries, including multilayer structures. Also, it can accurately simulate complex EM effects such as coupling and parasitics. The simulator features both full-wave and quasi-static EM solvers as well.

The full-wave EM solver provides accurate simulation of open-boundary problems, can simulate structures with novel, arbitrary shapes, and is capable of full dispersion and radiation simulation. The quasi-static solver enables significantly faster simulation of much larger, complex circuits without sacrificing accuracy.

Prices start at $10,000. Owners of the Agilent Empower simulator can ask about upgrading to Momentum GX at a reduced cost. For more information, go to http://eesof.tm.agilent.com/products/genesys/momentum_gx.html.

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