Electronic Design

EDA Software Tools Streamline Design And Verification

Two "ASIC-strength" design tools, Integrated Software Environment (ISE) version 5.2i and ChipScope Pro 5.2i, help engineers quickly reach timing closure and reduce overall design costs and time spent in the design flow. To improve design methodology, all of the ISE 5.2i configurations include a complete spectrum of free design options to augment existing programmable design flows and fit customers' specific methodologies. The software includes Incremental Design, Modular Design, Macro Builder, and area planning capabilities to reduce design times by up to 50% compared to traditional design methodologies. ChipScope Pro 5.2i real-time verification software is now better integrated with ISE Project Navigator, easing the selection and insertion of verification cores. It also helps define signal monitor points while bringing real-time debug planning to the overall design flow. Both ISE and ChipScope Pro solutions start at $695 each.

Xilinx Inc.
www.xilinx.com; (408) 559-7778

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