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Eight-Channel DAC Targets DVD Audio

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Suited for multi-channel audio systems, the PCM1608 is an eight-channel, d/a converter from the company’s Burr-Brown line offering 24-bit resolution and a 192 kHz sampling rate. The chip is suited for DVD players, car audio systems, A/V receivers, HDTV receivers, home theater systems, and surround-sound processors. The device targets audio systems that require or benefit from an eight-channel DAC solution, such as 7.1-channel playback formats. Within these systems, the chip replaces multiple low-cost stereo DACs by combining eight 24-bit DACs and supporting circuitry on a single IC. Other features include a 105 dB dynamic range, 105 dB SNR, and very low distortion. Sampling rates up to 200 kHz or 100 kHz are supported. The chip accepts industry-standard audio data formats with 16- to 24-bit data and operates on dual power supplies of 3.3V and 5V. In a LQFP-48 package, the device is priced at $4.95 each/1,000.

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