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Electrical Conduits Are Flexible And Halogen-Free

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Designed for use where fire may be a concern, four different types of halogen-free conduits offer a range of safe choices for situations where standard, liquid-tight PVC conduit would generate toxic fumes and caustic smoke if burned. Type ATX is designed to withstand extreme temperatures using a thermoplastic rubber jacket over the flexible steel inner core. It handles temperatures ranging from -60°C to 150°C and has a flammability rating of UL 94HB. Type CEA conduit targets confined spaces such as tunnels and handles temperatures from -40°C to 80°C. Produced with a flexible aluminum inner core, Type ACEA targets applications where weight is a consideration. Type ZHLA utilizes the same jacketing and performs under the same temperature ranges as the Type CEA, but also conforms to UL 360 and is UL listed. The Type CLFR is a 100% nylon-corrugated conduit tubing and connector line. It is UL recognized, self-extinguishing and exhibits low smoke emissions.

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