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Electromagnetic Effects Simulation Software Does Virtual Testing

Analysis of electromagnetic compatibility and interference phenomena is the forte of PAM-CEM 2000 3D Computational Electro-Magnetics (CEM) software. To perform realistic virtual testing of complex electromagnetic phenomena, the package relies on physics-based simulation models created from CAD or CAE data. It does direct modeling of Maxwell equations that govern the behavior of electromagnetic fields radiated or created by any complex geometry products, including antennas, cable networks and radiating devices. This latest release is also fully integrated into the ESI Group's Virtual Try-Out Space, a state-of-the-art technology solution for testing, validating and improving products and processes. The software can import CAD geometry or existing meshes with any degree of complexity for automatic mesh generation. PAM-CEM 2000 is available on UNIX workstations and servers from Compaq/DEC, HP, IBM, and SUN.


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