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Embedded MCU Offers Configurable Crossbar Switch

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Enabling users to choose the peripheral pinout that best suits their application, the LH79402 embedded microcontroller is a flexible, feature-rich device based on the 32-bit ARM7TDMI RISC core. In addition to carrying 8 kbytes of programmable cache/SRAM, the chip provides a host of peripherals and programmability by means of the company's crossbar switch technology. It runs the Thumb extension to the ARM chip architecture, which delivers high code density that enables applications to fit into smaller and less costly memory. Applications include telecomm and datacomm equipment, consumer products, and industrial and medical instrumentation.Performance is in the 40- to 50-MIPS range with an internal 50-MHz clock. Power consumption is less than 200 mW from a 3V to 3.6V supply. A hardware development tool kit is on the way as well.

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