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Embedded Products Target Digital Appliance Mart

Targeted at OEMs of networked digital appliances, the Embedded Directory Agent (EDA) product line provides embedded support for directory services, enabling manufacturers to deliver secure, easily-managed products. It also allows them to integrate network-attached appliances into the pervasive management solutions for the e-business environment. EDA for Storage, the first in the family of EDA products, provides connectivity and directory integration software for products delivered into the Network Attached Storage (NAS) market. These products include CD-ROM array, web content and video servers, mail servers, tape backup, and read-write disks. EDA for Storage provides easy-to-manage embedded directory services support, allowing OEMs of NAS to authenticate users and administer their appliances across the network without the use of proprietary utilities. The product is offered in a Software Developer's Kit which supports Novell's eDirectory.

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