Electronic Design

Emulation Replicate Brings Efficient Verification

Ikos VStation-5MX Replicate Station multiplies the power of emulation for in-circuit and targetless system-level verification of SoC designs. It uses the compiled database from Ikos' VStation-5M emulator, providing a known-good database and environment for the total hardware and software design team. The hardware de-sign team chooses when the design is stable enough for the balance of the team to start system integration verification. At that point, the existing database is then loaded onto one or more 5MX emulation replicates.

Replicate models are 100% binary-compatible with VStation-5M systems. No recompile is required with guaranteed identical functionality. Ikos' Virtual Wires technology interconnect scheme ensures that a database compiled for one VStation functions exactly the same in all VStation platforms.

VStation-5MX replicates are bundled with VStation-5M emulation systems with up to five or more replicates. Price per replicate gate is as low as $0.039.

Ikos Systems Inc., (408) 284-0400; www.ikos.com.

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