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Emulators Support TI Devices

Supporting the OMAP platform from Texas Instruments, the VPOM-2420 Virtual Platform release 2.0 provides full-function emulation for OMAP2420 software and the TWL92230 system-power manager. The platform uses a combination of C programming, graphical modeling, and transaction-based modeling to replicate functionality of the OMAP2420 system on chip. It also simulates other peripherals on the virtual platform, including MMC cards containing application code. Operating system support includes Symbian OS and MontaVista Linux. Groomed for TI’s TMS320DA295 audio processor, the VPDA295 emulation platform gives users insight into and control of software execution, capabilities that are said to be impossible to achieve on the hardware side. This application runs as C-code on a host PC to provide real-time audio processing, allowing users to evaluate code performance with test instruments and by ear. Prices for either platform start at $2,488 each. VIRTIO CORP., Campbell, CA. (408) 341-0844.


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