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Enclosure Houses Rack-Mount, Fault Resilient PC

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With dual hot swappable 400W ac power supplies, a 19-slot PCI/ISA passive backplane, an adjustable card hold-down bracket, and up to 24 3.5" drive bays on a removable sliding platform, Model FTU-3000 enclosure is designed for use as a video, file, RAID, or telecomm server. The space-saving all-in-one design is intended for use with limited rack space. No extra RAID box sub-systems are required. The units can be customized for mission-critical applications by adding power-segmented backplanes and system alarm monitoring for true fault tolerance. Options include a variety of PCI/ISA backplanes with up to 16 PCI slots, a 20-slot ISA or 19-slot PCI/ISA power segmented backplane, system alarm monitoring, dc power supplies, three 300W hot swap power supplies, and custom paint, logo, rear panels and mechanical design. Dimensions are 17" wide x 22" deep x 12.25" high. Price starts at $2995.

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