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Enclosure Satisfies NEBS Level 3

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Designed to meet NEBS Level 3 requirements, the HRME CoolSlot enclosures are available in 4U seven-slot and 6U 11-slot versions with the company's cPCI, VME64X or VME backplanes. The new enclosures are also wired for either one 6U/350W or two 3U/150W front-access cPCI-style hot-swap power supplies.
Other features include complete IEEE 1101.10/11 compliance, provisions for 80 mm rear plug-in modules and transition modules, front and rear ground clips, ac or dc power input, wiring for hot-swap fan tray, and a wide variety of custom configurations such as power options and peripheral shuttles. Prices start at $2,200 with delivery times of six to 12 weeks ARO.

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