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Enhanced Software Delivers Supply Chain Decision Support

PortNavigator 2.0 is an advanced software product that enhances its maker's supply chain decision support and integration technology solution. It delivers supply chain decision support directly into the EDA capture environment. It provides an EDA cross-platform integration technology to OEM designers, improving their ability to create superior products.

PortNavigator 2.0 significantly reduces the time spent researching new components by providing a real-time feature. This allows designers to leverage component end-of-life (EOL), product change notification (PCN), and engineering change notification (ECN) information to predict lifecycle and assess design-in risk. It also lets engineers navigate through the database by generic die, package, and pins and to cross-reference internal and external part numbers. And, the solution enables designers to back-annotate schematics with procurable part numbers.

PortNavigator 2.0 is available on Windows 95/98/NT4.0/2000 and all Unix platforms, including Sun, HP, and IBM. The software integrates with all leading capture tools. An annual floating license/subscription costs $10,000.

Precience Inc.
(301) 421-9054; www.precience.com

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