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Enterprise-Wide Project Manager Focuses Teams On Communication

While existing software tools such as CAD, CASE, and PLM (project lifecycle management) help the engineers actually creating new products, CrossPoint is an enterprise-level application that directly targets the efficiency of the management and processes needed to make those engineers more successful. It manages inter- and intra-team commitments and deliverables, automates management and administrative processes, and improves the ability to find and instantly communicate with the right people.

Managers and engineers alike are freed to spend more time creating new products, and less time dealing with administrative and coordination efforts. In addition, CrossPoint is the first application to capture the detailed daily transactions and tasks engineering management comprises at the enterprise level. This provides a valuable operational history that can be used to plan future product development efforts and facilitate continuous quality improvement.

CrossPoint is available now. Pricing is $150,000 for a 120-day trial, which includes an unlimited number of user licenses and implementation services. After the trial, an enterprise can then shift over to a subscription model that costs $150 per month per named user, or a perpetual license for $3995 per user.

Intersect Software
www.intersectsoft.com; (703) 433-1630

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