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Environment Eases Boundary-Scan Application Development

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Version 3.0 of ScanWorks boundary-scan test and in-system programming environment is said to dramatically simplify the development and the deployment of boundary-scan tests for manufacturing and repair stations. Being an open environment, the software supports data and programming standards such as BSDL, HSDL, SVF, Jam, STAPL, and others. It is also said to be the only system on the market with a C++ application programming interface (API).
As a result of supporting industry standards, the environment can easily support data flows from and to other third party tools. Via an interface that allows the user to focus solely on test or programming rather than management of files and directory structures, users can quickly develop and debug boundary-scan tests. Several actions are predefined in the environment to accomplish tasks like scan-path integrity testing, interconnect testing, memory interconnect testing, PLD programming, clustered testing, and user-defined testing.

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