Electronic Design

Equivalence Checker Applies Formal Verification At Circuit Level

Revision 5.0 of the ESP-CV equivalence checking tool offers two major optional enhancements. One is CKT, which applies formal verification at the circuit level, and the other is COV, which reports coverage holes that occur during the equivalence checking process. The CKT feature eliminates the need to manually model parasitic effects and automatically creates an RC model of devices based on the transistor length, width, and process technology. The COV feature increases equivalence confidence by reporting coverage problems created by an overly constrained testbench. It also allows designers to compare two different simulations to check for equivalence. Revision 5.0 of ESP-CV will be available in the third quarter of 2002 with prices starting at $165,000. The CKT option costs $45,000, while the COV option costs $15,000.

InnoLogic Systems Inc.
www.innologic-systems.com; (408) 432-6188

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