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ESL Code-Coverage Tool Speeds Model Verification

One reason why electronic-system-level (ESL) methodologies haven’t been adopted more rapidly is the massive timesink of model creation and verification for the development of virtual prototypes. JEDA Technologies is seeking to rectify that problem through its NSCvCC, a code-coverage tool for C/C++ and SystemC designs. Intended especially for model developers, platform developers, system designers, and architects, NSCvCC’s rapid code-coverage checking helps to measure IP model quality and identifies code which has not been fully exercised in testing. Also, NSCvCC measures the comprehensiveness of your verification suite, improving quality and productivity and reducing risk. Poor-quality models will greatly diminish the benefits of ESL design methodology and limit its ROI. To aid developers in the creation of top-shelf C-level models, NSCvCC features a broad array of coverage analyses. It returns its results to users in the form of textual and user-interface-based reports. NSCvCC is built on top of NSCv, JEDA's native SystemC verification environment. JEDA also offers NSCvDC, a data- and functional-coverage tool built on the NSCv platform, as part of its family of ESL products for all architectures. NSCvCC, coupled with NSCvDC, provides a more complete simulation measurement environment. NSCv technology, including NSCvCC and NSCvDC, was designed for applications like virtual platforms or high-level synthesis design implementation. NSCvCC, as well as NSCvDC, is available immediately. Contact JEDA Technologies directly for pricing information. JEDA Technologies

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