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ESL Tool Suite Beefs Up Its Software Analysis Side

According to research results, 52% of embedded system designs miss their scheduled completion dates. Why? The complexity of their architectures makes early analysis too hard for Excel spreadsheets.

By exclusively licensing CARDTools Systems' NitroVP to complement its existing System Architect ESL suite, Summit has put together a package that facilitates hardware/software codevelopment at a stage that's early enough to avoid needless iteration and redesign.

The combination of NitroVP and System Architect can address the partitioning of hardware and software. System Architect facilitates building a performance model of the system for analysis of architectural tradeoffs. It provides the right level of accuracy for this stage of development so runtimes aren't bloated.

NitroVP focuses on the software. It models hardware/software interaction, allowing designers to determine, for example, whether they have implemented too many hardware interrupts. It facilitates evaluation of various RTOSs and software scheduling algorithms.

Summit has internal versions of System Architect and NitroVP running together, with availability for the pair scheduled for early 2006.

Summit Design

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