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Expander Extends SCSI Beyond LVD Limits

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The RTLVD-LVDA is a Wide Ultra2 SCSI expander that provides users with the ability to extend SCSI cable lengths up to four times the maximum LVD length. The device also provides total SCSI device connectivity without impacting SCSI protocol or software while maintaining isolation between separate SCSI buses. Mounting on any bulkhead with a 68-pin connector, up to three expanders can be chained together to increase LVD cable length from 12m up to 74m. A self-calibrating feature monitors variations in system voltage and temperature. The expander measures 2.4" x 5" and supports 16-bit arbitration, disconnect/reconnect, and multi-threaded SCSI applications. It requires no software and does not occupy a SCSI ID. In addition, the expander includes LVD SCSI termination and is priced at $185 each/250.

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