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Extreme-Temp Socket Meets BGA Testing Demands

Ironwood Electronics’ CBT-BGA 7010 ball-grid-array (BGA) socket addresses the high-performance requirements involved in testing BGA devices. The stamped spring pin contactor features 26-gram actuation force per ball and a cycle life of 500K insertions. A floating guide incorporated in the socket enables precise ball-to-pin alignment. Specs include 0.88-nH self-inductance, insertion loss of less than 1 dB at 15.7 GHz, and 0.097-pF capacitance. Each contactor has a 4-A current capacity at 80°C temperature rise. Operating temperature ranges from −55 to +180°C. The CBT-BGA-7010 specifically tests 7.8-by-8-mm, 0.65-mm-pitch, 110-position, 10-by-11-ball-array BGAs. It can be used for hand-test and quick device-screening applications with very stringent requirements. No soldering is involved when mounting on a printed-circuit board.


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