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Fan/Heatsink Assembly Cools High-End CPUs

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The Cap Fan line of fan/heatsink assemblies is available for cooling high-end microprocessors, including Intel's Pentium II and Celeron, AMD's K6, Motorola's PowerPC, and DEC's Alpha. The fans offer an extended operational lifespan with an MTBF of 82,000 hours at 50°C. The assembly is designed to provide high efficiency cooling with even airflow through the heatsink. Together, the fan and heatsink is said to provide an optimal means of heat removal from these current-hungry CPUs.Among the assembly's features are a ball-bearing design with a Class 5 bearing system. Motor efficiency is improved by 40% compared with earlier designs. Another benefit is that noise is very low- it is claimed to be 6 dBa below that of competing products.

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