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Fast Amplifiers Keep Noise Low

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The industry’s lowest voltage noise level for systems with power supplies operating up to ±15V is claimed by two high-speed single and dual amplifiers. The THS4031 and THS4032 amplifiers serve next-generation networking equipment, wireless two-way radios and high-speed test equipment with high-speed, 100-MHz bandwidth and low voltage noise of 1.6 nV/¦Hz.The 4031 and 4032 feature one and two amplifiers, respectively, in the same MSOP housing. Besides being half the size of standard SOICs, the ICs’ MSOP package uses the firm’s PowerPAD technology, which dissipates more heat than a standard SOIC. The result is lower distortion levels when under heavy loads. In addition to their high bandwidth, the amplifiers slew at 100 V/µs. They’re able to drive up to 90 mA of output current while drawing just 8.5 mA of quiescent current per channel. Total harmonic distortion is -72 dBc.

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