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Fiber-Optic Connectors Are Field Serviceable

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The Fiber Optic Multi Channel (FOMC) Series of rugged, single-mode fiber-optic connectors is fully field serviceable, even in rugged environments. It includes a supply of extra fiber bundled inside the connector housing, allowing users to change a single contact without the need to re-terminate the entire connector. The connectors' contact termination is especially easy because the pin and socket comes pre-assembled and requires no special tooling. This hermaphroditic, military tactical connector is also useful in other applications where contaminants and temperature extremes are a factor. Operating temperature range is -55° C to 85° C. Optical loss range is typically 0.22 dB and 1 dB maximum. The FOMC connector is design in accordance with MIL-C-83526 and is available as individual connectors or assembled with rugged cables to link transmitter and receiver.

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