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Fiber Optic Connectors Targeted For Use In SMT Optical Modules

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The EZ series of fiber optic interface connectors for surface-mount optical modules reduce the number of parts when compared with existing optical connectors and feature a detachable connector/module interface for use with easy-to-use tools. The connectors provide built-in guide rails for self-aligning mating and are well suited for optical terminal equipment, optical relays, optical modules, for measuring instruments and other applications. Also available is the PO series of 2-mm metric coaxial connectors that includes the PO21, which provides higher density coaxial contact into 2 mm: 24 contacts in the normal space of six. Available in 50 ohms, it can handle up to 3 GHz and comes in straight plugs and jacks, a right angle dip plug and right angle jack versions.

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