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Fieldbus And Profibus T-Coupler Now Offers RFI And EMI Protection

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The patented BusQuick T-Coupler I/O system has been upgraded to now provide complete RFI/EMI protection. This modular interconnect system reduces installation time of Fieldbus cabling systems by 60% compared to ordinary screw-terminal technology. Ideal for thee-way ("T") junctions, the BusQuick system allows users to adapt a single installation concept for Fieldbus wiring using pre-assembled, standardized cables and connectors that minimize service time. Users can quickly tie into a cable, eliminating the need to manually wire a large number of components in the field. This increases ease-of-use while eliminating the possibility of incorrect wiring. The modular, interchangeable system design provides a high degree of flexibility. Users can make the connections that are required, while providing sufficient reserves for future expansion and configuration. To make a 3-way Fieldbus cable connection, the technician inserts each cable into one of the BusQuick connecting ports, then gives the central contacting element a twist. This creates an IDC termination and completes the 3-way connection. The connection is secure once the line nuts are tightened.

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