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Film Capacitors Handle Military, Commercial Applications

A new line of film capacitors offers low inductance, low ESR, and low DF while providing a high peak-withstanding voltage. The capacitors are well-suited for military and commercial power applications. A dry-construction manufacturing process prevents harmful electrolytes from being formed. The extensive film capacitor line ranges from standard end wrap and fill, to completely custom film capacitors. Sizes range from less than an inch to several feet, while the high capacitance density ranges from a few nanofarads to several hundred microfarads. Housings are available in steel, aluminum, stainless, and plastics, and package size is determined by the electrical requirements. The capacitors operate in temperature ranges from ?55°C to 150°C, with voltage ranges to 750 V ac and 20,000 V dc. Dielectric materials include Polypropylene, Polyester (Mylar) and Polyphenylene Sulphide (PPS), and custom terminations can include inserts, PCB mount, threaded, and leads. Prices range from $1.00 to $350 depending on configuration and quantities. SPECTRUM ADVANCED SPECIALTY PRODUCTS, Fairview, PA. (814) 474-0320.


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