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Filter Modules Support Home Networking

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The B6001, B6003 and B6005 filter modules are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the HomePNA 1M8 PHY specification for 1-Mbps home phone-line networking. All three modules are UL 1950-certified.The magnetics modules provide the bandpass filtering required for home phone-line networking products, such as network interface cards, modem add-on cards and set-top boxes. They ensure that the home networking signals do not interfere with telephones or high-speed Internet access. The B6001 is a 14-pin through-hole part with 10Base-T filtering and isolation. The B6003 and B6005 are 16-pin SMT devices. Nominal insertion loss is 3 dB. AT THE SITE: downloadable .pdf datasheets and more.

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