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Filter Plates Offer Wide Capacitance Range

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Designed to snap into a chassis, the Easy Mate and Easy Mate Jr. filter plates offer users an extended capacitance range of from 22 to 5,000 pF. They feature multiple finger ground contacts that provide a low impedance path for noise and span EMI filtering assignments ranging from 5 MHz to 18 GHz. Bolt-in style filter plates are also available in an array of plate sizes and up to 74 lines (high density) and 60 pins (standard) per plate. Custom designed filter plates can be specified for any size, material or filtering requirement, including the attachment of wires, harnesses and cables. Mixed capacitance values and schematics are available, too. For more details and prices, contact SPECTRUM CONTROL INC., Fairview, PA. (814) 835-1650.

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