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If you ask a design engineer the following question: What information is most pertinent to your job? The answer would probably be: data sheets and app notes. As a print publication dedicated to presenting the latest and greatest electronic OEM products to design engineers, we present as much information as we can to make the transition between reading about the product and then acquiring the relevant data sheet or app note as seamless as possible. To this end, we always include company URLs in our writeups and sometimes the direct links to data sheets. We also include phone numbers and company location, if the telephone is more convenient for you. The reader service number that appears after every writeup is also a way to obtain further information, though not as timely as going to the Web. Reader service is available either by filling out a card that appears in each issue or by taking advantage of our online reader service. Another vehicle we use to help design engineers get to data sheets quickly is our email newsletter. Each product in the newsletter contains a link to a data sheet, if one is available. This is the ultimate in providing a seamless transition between reading about the product and checking out the data sheet. If you’re not receiving our newsletter, you can subscribe at our web site, And here’s something new, especially for design engineers working with embedded systems. On May 1st we will be launching a resource called Embedded365. We can’t tell you much about it now, but we’ll have more information for you in our next issue. E-mail your comments to me at [email protected]

Company: Penton Media

Product URL: Click here for more information

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