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First Commercial Parser Ships For System Verilog

A sure sign that a design language is making its way into the mainstream is the appearance of a spate of tools supporting it. For SystemVerilog devotees, the latest good news is the commercial availability of a parser for the language.

Verific Design Automation's SystemVerilog parser has already seen early adoption in formal verification and HDL visualization tools. It lets EDA tool developers support SystemVerilog within their tools. And, it's apt to spur quicker adoption of the language.

Written in C++ for easy integration into existing EDA tools, the parser includes an analyzer and elaborator. It parses and analyzes the entire SystemVerilog 3.1 language definition with the exception of SystemVerilog Assertions, for which it follows the SystemVerilog 3.1a syntax. After parsing, a complete parse tree is available.

Static elaboration and register-transfer-level (RTL) elaboration for synthesis is fully supported for the Verilog 2001 subset and is extended with support for many of the new SystemVerilog constructs. Verific plans additional elaboration for intermediate releases between now and the end of this year.

The parser has been tested with an internally developed SystemVerilog test suite. It also has been verified with simulators provided by partnerships with Synopsys and Mentor Graphics.

Verific's SystemVerilog parser is available now. It runs on Solaris, HP-UX, Linux, and Windows platforms. Pricing starts at $100,000 for a perpetual, royalty-free source code license for the parser and analyzer. Time-based licenses start at $4000 per month.

Verific Design Automation

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