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Five-Pin Modules Provide Protection For Telecomm Lines

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Designed to protect telecomm network lines from the effects of lightening, the T5 series of five-pin protection modules are available in breakdown voltages from 35V to 250V and overcurrent ratings from 150 mA to 1.2A. The modules' plug-in connector is compatible with industry-standard five-pin protection blocks. As opposed to conventional power-protection technology that uses gas-discharge tubes, the modules are said to provide a 40% faster reaction time and reset repeatedly for uninterrupted protection. Other features of the modules include a temperature range of -40°C to 65°C, built-in test points on the top of the module, and a completely soldered, no-contact design. In addition, the modules meet Telecordia 974, GTE GTS-8700, and N.E.C. requirements and are UL 497 listed.

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