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Flash MCU Resides In Tiny, Micro Lead-Frame Package

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Housed in a micro lead-frame package (MLP) measuring just 3 mm square, the C8051F300 flash memory microcontroller (MCU) packs a CPU, flash memory and an A/D converter. The pipelined 8051 CPU delivers up to 25 MIPS at 25 MHz and the eight-bit ADC operates at rates of up to 500 ksamples/s with an integrated temperature sensor.The device provides 8 KB of in-system programmable flash and debug circuitry. Other on-chip features include a programmable analog comparator, programmable counters and timers, a 25-accurate oscillator that allows the built-in UART to function without an external resonator, and power-management functions. A development kit (C8051F300DK) is also available. The MCU is priced at $5.01 each/1,000 and the kit costs $99. CYGNAL INTEGRATED PRODUCTS INC., Austin, TX. (512) 327-7088.

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