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Flat Cable Terminations Made With Round Cable Connectors

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A line of flat cable-locking plugs and connectors, tradenamed CWD 9-FLATCAB-02, features a flat clamp design that allows flat cables to be easily terminated with conventional round cable devices. Serrated terminal plates and contoured clamps provide dependable terminations, while all-brass screws and clamps ensure low-resistance connections. Other features include back-wire terminals with convenient lead-in tapes, ribbed positive-grip housing surfaces, and a heavy-duty external cord grip. Designed to hold up to #10 gauge flat cables, the 20A and 30A devices are available in 4-pole, 5-wire designs. The devices are available in NEMA L2120 and L2130 configurations; in addition, a special 20A device has been designed specifically for trade show applications. COOPER WIRING DEVICES INC., Long Island City, NY. (718) 937-8000.

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