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Flexible Cables Link Target To Emulator

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High-speed, low-impedance flexible cables have been developed to allow engineers to extend the testing distance between a unit-under-test and an emulator, logic analyzer or other test equipment. The cables are particularly useful where space or other constraints prevent the test equipment from being located on top of the target- conventional cables don't work here because of impedance, speed or cross-talk issues. The new cables, called Flex-cables, are designed to complement the firm's PolyPod products by allowing emulator and test equipment extensions to be made directly from the PolyPod base- PolyPod SMT adapters allow multiple types of test setups to be performed from logic analysis to in-circuit emulation. The flexible cables can also be configured as an emulator or logic analyzer adapter. The extension cables come in all popular sizes for PQFP packages, ranging from 32 to 256 pins.

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