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Flexible Plastic Duct Bundles Wires And Permits Breakouts

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FlexDUCT is a new line of flexible polypropylene duct that features overlapping tines, which protect wires while permitting breakouts in any orientation for use in control panels, wire cabinets, and electronic equipment. The modular wire harnessing product's overlapping tines permit the addition and rerouting of wires and creates a protective enclosure. Said to be easy to install, the duct neatly bundles wires and has perforations on the bottom for screw mounting or can be supplied with a pressure-sensitive adhesive. Suited for confined spaces, the product does not require a cover and eliminates the need for cable ties. Offered in 1/2'', 3/4'', 1'' and 1 1/2'' sq. sizes that are 19.7'' long, the duct also can be easily cut to fit into position. FlexDUCT is priced according to size and quantity.

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